An application form for the competition must be received complete with all enclosures.
The enclosures to be included with the application form are:

a. Birth certificate (photocopy acceptable)

b. Two recent glossy black and white photographs of the Duo (20x25cm.)

c. Application fee of € 90 (Euros) paid to:
SWEDBANK, SE-105 34 Stockholm
IBAN: SE5580000825780931110407,
Copy of bank transfer should be enclosed in the application.

d. Letter/letters of recommendation from musicians of acknowledged professional standing

e. List of names and addresses of principal teachers, with places and dates of study

f. List of prizes and honours received , if available.

g. A recording (tape or CD) of at least 20 minutes of music, played by the applicants.
The application should be sent to:
Swedish International Duo Competition,
c/o Carl Pontén Breven 166,
715 96 Brevens bruk

Applications must be received by July 5, 2022.
An acknowledgement will be sent to each Duo member on receipt of completed application form and enclosures.
Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Applicants will be notified of their status after July 12, 2022.
A letter giving further details
Applicants must submit their repertoire list in the order in which it will be performed. Approximate times should be listed for each composition.
Contestants are encouraged to perform their repertoire in the order in which it is originally submitted.

Bank coordinates:
IBAN: SE5580000825780931110407

Download application form here.