general conditions

1) The ”Swedish International Duo Competition 2022” will take place in Katrineholm, Sweden between August 20 and August 21, 2022. Inscription takes place in the morning of August 20 between 8 - 10 am.

2) The Competition is open to musicians of all nationalities, performing in Duo.

3) Candidates should be no younger than 18 years of age and no older than 30 on the date the competition starts (August 20, 2022).

4) Former winners of the 1st prize may not participate in the competition.

5) The participating Duos must have piano as one instrument. The other instrument must be one of the following: violin, viola, cello, flute, oboe/ English horn and clarinet/clarinets.

6) Applications must be in possession of the Competition Board no later than July 5, 2022.

7) The Board of the Competition will decide on the admittance of Contestants.

8) The Contestants must assume financial responsibility for travel to and from Katrineholm, Sweden. The Board of the Competition will, upon request, mediate in finding accommodation. Relatives and other attendants must find their own accommodation.

9) The Board of the Competition has exclusive rights to radio and television broadcast of the concerts and of all the rounds of the Competition. The Board has also exclusive rights to visual and sound recordings made during the Competition.

10) The total prize sum is 11 000 Euros.

11)  Prizes will be divided as follows: 1st prize 4000 Euros + two prize winners concerts to the value of 2000 Euros to take place in Sweden in 2023 (one performance will take place at the Julita International Chamber Music Festival). 2nd prize - 2000 Euros + a prize winners concert to the value of 1000 Euros to take place at the Julita International Chamber Music Festival. 3rd prize - 1000 Euros + one concert to the value of 1000 Euros to take place in Sweden in 2023. Travel costs of up to €600 per duo will also be covered by the Competition, as well as accommodation.

13) The Jury reserves the right to withhold the 1st prize. However the whole prize amount in cash, will be divided among the finalists.

14) Decisions of the Board and of the Jury of the Competition are final.

15) By signing the application form, candidates agree to be bound by the conditions and clauses in this brochure.

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